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  • Cassandra DeVeaux


"Treating others, the way You wish to be Treated."

Welcome to May!

"April showers bring May flowers" is often quoted, and we look forward to the blooming season. The monthly observances in May also include Arthritis Awareness, Better Sleep, Mental Health Awareness, National Walking, and Women's Health Care Month. Wow! May represents many forms of gaining better health. Take advantage of everything there is to learn this month.

In the Know at MDADC


Tell a neighbor, tell a friend, MDADC is open for enrollment again. We are accepting applications between 9:30-11:30 am Monday- Friday. Insurance and Private pay are accepted. If you are unable to come by, click the link to complete the application.


MDADC partnered with Richland County to promote mobility among our seniors that are experiencing minor disabilities. We have added a walk area with handrails, 2 treadmills with extended rails, a stair climber, stationary bikes, weights, resistance bands, and an area allowing chair or standing exercises. The gym will open for seniors on Saturdays, 9-12, starting May 13. There is a small admission fee of $1.00 per Saturday or $5.00 a month. A staff member will be onsite to assist. Equipment and exercise techniques are done at your own risk.

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