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  • Cassandra DeVeaux

From Behind the Four Walls

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Each day I wake up, pull my tired limbs out of bed, and grab hold of my walker. I move slowly toward the bathroom to do the things I once thought were simple. Brushing my teeth, washing my face, showering, and getting ready takes me much longer. No longer do I rest to the hour of 7:00 a.m. but I'm up at 4:30 to be on time. I started picking my clothes out the night before as I asked the grandkids to find me a pair of shoes. Colors seem to blend in with one another but I think my selection is presentable. Looking down at my ankles this morning it seems as though the bread man has dropped off a package again. My ankles are swollen to fit right into the bread sack. It would be nice to have them rubbed in some warm water and Epsom salt to reduce the swelling. Maybe later tonight.

I am finally finished and ready to go. Today I will not stare out the window or watch hours of rerun shows. I will not wonder when someone will come home and start a conversation with me. I will not worry about my caregiver having to change their schedule to accommodate me. I will not feel as if I am a burden to anyone. Today I get to go and see my friends. I get to have coffee talk with them and guess at the mentally stimulating worksheets I am provided. We get to laugh out loud at the answers we provide. It's been a while since we all have been in school. Although those exercises can be a little challenging, it feels good when I get to the stretching part. My body seems to say thank you in so many ways. The food is delicious and the activity calendar is always full. Yes, I have to make some sacrifices but I will do it again and again to get from behind the four walls I'm in and spend some time with friends.

Join us! Open enrollment starts October 2-13. Call to setup a free tour and consultation (803) 353-8475.

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