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About Us

The Mother DeVeaux Adult Daycare Center (MDADC) is an adult day care located in the town of Eastover, South Carolina.  The vision at MDADC is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that ensures prestigious care for our clients while allowing them to maintain their individuality and independence.   MDADC partners with caregivers by providing assistance to clients that suffer with chronic or health conditions that prohibits them to be home alone. The motto we work by is "treating others as you wish to be treated".   


 MDADC's staff has over 30 years of nursing experience and specializes in assisting our clients in different areas.  One of our focus is cognitive health. Working with our clients in this area increases the quality of their lives.  We create an environment where our clients are able to be creative, participate in  mental and physical exercise, have social time with others, stay informed with the world around them, along with having a time to rest and meditate.    MDADC is partnered with Senior Catering for our clients’ nutritional intake.


We, at the Mother DeVeaux Adult Daycare Center, are here to help. We listen closely to our clients and caretakers in order to understand their needs and limitations, while collaborating to determine potential solutions. We will work with our clients to customize options that will make the time spent at MDADC enjoyable and fulfilling. 

"...enjoyable and fulfilling"
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