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  • Cassandra DeVeaux

Maintain or Regain your Abilities!

The older we get age seems to have some type of effect on us. It does not take much to realize we may have been too physically active throughout the day or forgot where we placed an item. Icy Hot and Ben Gay becomes household staples and we finally find the eyeglasses that have been sitting on the top of our head. "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter" per Mark Twain. What are your thoughts on Mark Twain's quote? Are you feeling forever young or is age slowly walking you down while providing adamant signs of its presence?

You may be at a point in your life where you have not been impacted by the effects of aging. If this is you, continue living and eventually a wrinkle or gray string may show up to let you know change is on the way. However, you can maintain or slow down the impacts of aging by keeping up with your cognitive health. Cognitive health is a key component for performing everyday activities. It is the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember. Below are a few pointers, recommended by the National Institute on Aging (NIH), to add to your daily routine to support cognitive health:

Maintain physical health

Manage stress

Stay connected with social activities by video or phone

Get exercise

Keep mentally active

manage high blood pressure

Eat healthy foods

Quit smoking and limit use of alcohol

Prevent the risk of falls or accidents

Read more about cognitive health and older adults on NIA’s website.

Now I could not end this article without putting in the benefits of attending an Adult Day Care. Adult Day Care activities stimulates cognitive health. Several of the activities provided are gear directly to supporting the ability to think clearly, learn and remember. If you are unable to attend a daycare, add activities in your day that will challenge and transform your cognitive health. Check out our new subscription box "engage". It is filled with activities that caters to cognitive health. Give us a call or email and let us get this box to you.

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